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OSYS Global Diversified Investment Fund

Investment Strategy

The fund will invest in listed transferable securities or exchange traded funds (ETF’s) that cover the equity, bond and real estate markets globally. More specifically, the fund will be investing in various equity sectors which are considered defensive and more stable in returns. Exposure to global real estate and bond markets will be achieved either directly or indirectly by investing in ETF’s.

Portfolio Composition

At any given time the Fund will be well diversified in different sectors, asset classes and currencies. It will also hold at all times 5% of its total assets in cash as minimum reserves.

Manager’s Objective

To have an average annual net return of 12-15% during the next 3 years.

Goals achieved when investing

  • Secure and easy access to the global capital markets.
  • Wide diversification by investing in a number of ETF’s, securities, currencies and sectors.
  • Ability to earn high returns on capital in medium-term to long-term with low risk
  • Daily exit availability. High-liquidity for investements.
Monthly* Quarterly* Year to Date
OSYS Global Diversified Investment Fund
S&P Balanced Equity And Bond Index – Conservative

*Comparisons are made based on the closing values on the last trading day of each month